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Wheelchair Accessible Recliner

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-22 12:45

About the solution

Terry always complained that he could never get comfortable on regular furniture, and in fact, the only comfortable alternative to his wheelchair was to lie in bed, which caused him to fall asleep for two or three hours when he only wanted a short respite from his chair.

Frustrated by this he decided to create his own wheelchair friendly recliner, the rewards of which are very obvious to him.

"I could never achieve comfort on regular furniture and eventually stopped trying. Thus, I spent the last 20 years hanging out at either the dining table or computer stand. Family and friends in the living room were often facing away from me. My only comfort alternative to my chair was to go lie down in bed, often falling asleep when all I wanted was a short break from my chair. What was supposed to make me comfortable for a half hour turned into a 2-3 hour nap. Since I started using the Wheelchair Accessible Recliner I have found many therapeutic advantages including pressure relief and stretching exercises that allow me to feel better and be more active” according to the proud inventor.

The front bottom bar is easily backed over and works as a wheel chock to keep the chair stable when you are in the reclined position. It is equally easy to get out of the recliner; by just pulling forward on the armrest and the wheelchair pops out, making it easy to go get a snack and return to comfort.

Nowadays there are two versions of the Wheelchair Accessible Recliner:
• The Fully Upholstered Wheelchair Recliner: equipped with an electric motor and remote control to easily adjust the reclined position
• The Open Frame Wheelchair Recliner: with a durable powder-coated finish and can be equipped with either a manual adjustment or electric motor.
Both recline to 45 degrees.

More info: http://livingspinal.com/wheelchair-furniture/ez-tipper-wheelchair-recliner/

Adapted from: http://www.bespoken.me/forum/topics/furniture-designed-for-comfort-and-a...

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About the author

Terry Darling, born in USA, had a diving accident that left him C 5-6 quadriplegic. Since then, Terry has invented various adaptations to make life easier and more comfortable. One of his best inventions is the Wheelchair Accessible Recliner.

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