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Boy creates waterproof lightweight prosthetic leg

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-03 15:53

About the solution

“He was a polio (or poliomyelitis) victim and couldn’t walk without a prosthetic limb. It was dangerous for him to be near water, so I decided to invent a waterproof prosthetic that would make his life easier”, Adeeb said, referring to his father.

In one day, the prototype was complete and father and son were able to go to the beach and swim.

“I first wanted to help my dad with his medical condition and then I wanted to help my mum. I decided if I could help them both, then I could help the rest of the world. My inspiration is to make other people’s lives better”, Adeeb explained.

Adeeb is a child prodigy whose innovations are registered with authorities, his father Sulaiman Al Balushi said.

“I always think how to help the needy people to make their life easier with the help of new technology. I started to think to make a lighter artificial leg supporter as my father is a victim of polio and was suffering from a heavy artificial leg,” Adeeb said.

Adapted from: http://vision.ae/articles/the_vibe_adeeb_al_balushi

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About the author

Adeeb Al-Balushi, born in 2004, from the in the United Arab Emirates, is a young inventor who built a lightweight prosthetic leg for his father who suffered from poliomyelitis, in 2013.

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