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Gostava de me pedir sentir

Shared by REDE POSITIVO on 2013-11-12 21:59

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I wish I could feel less excluded and felt I was not alone. Less alone and more informed and perhaps was not unique. Knew of similar solutions, none in Portuguese and did a community of patients. Makes me well: have a mission that concerns me and moderates the feeling of exclusion of PLWHA from home and join us in a community that respects and enforces. But it did me good. Senior HIV live better with a mission. Everyone lives better with a disease more information, less fear and socialization: "A shared loneliness is mitigated pain" Luís Sá, Network Admin POSITIVE NETWORK

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  • Sol Tue, 11/19/2013 - 15:15

    I agree. Having had my first opportunistic infection panicked because until that time thought it was just taking the drugs and would be happy forever (pardon the irony, but it's true). I decided that from that moment it would be best to acquire knowledge about my disease. ... It was hard to read about all that can happen while patients in this pathology. Li, learned and share. Today I am no longer so scared and I'm better prepared to face future situations. I dedicate myself and argue that self-help is one of the essentials to get along best with HIV. Help is part of my treatment to get more information as I become stronger. At the same time I do I end up being the helped :). I'll use a cliche at this point illustrates what I feel: Patient informed patient is a treaty! By helping, we give and receive! Filmography Sol - Positive Network

  • Ana Wed, 11/20/2013 - 22:13

    A Constant Struggle

    I have found HIV in about 3 months.! when I found my world fell apart, I was floored ... I had a feeling of fear, pain ... constant crying mind, afraid of our society, I thought I would never find anyone who had the same problem that I thought would be in this fight alone. So I decided to look for sites on the Internet, tell me best. That was how I discovered a "virtual" friend started talking to me and recommended Positive Network, began attending the Network and felt a lot of support. Today I can say that I am much better psychologically.

    I thank God for having found this Network and feel better

    Positive Ana Network

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