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Sheets, um Bettnässen zu kämpfen

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-09-21 12:06

Über die Lösung

“My second baby was way messier than my first. She’s really cute, but she’s stinky and she’s dirty and she makes huge messes in the crib,” Ms. Miner said.

“Being 40 and 5’2” I was dealing with sleep deprivation and it was kicking me in the butt. I was having a hard time getting up a few times a night to burp her, feed her change her, then having to clean that crib out was like a nightmare for me.”

When her husband took overnight duty, the problem compounded. Instead of stripping down and changing the wet linens, he would just “throw a towel” over the mess and pop the baby back in bed. “He was cheating,” she laughs.

Thankfully, as the owner of Ottawa Draperies, she already had a head for textiles. Ms. Miner started experimenting with the idea of a two-part system, where a waterproof pad could easily be ripped off the bed and thrown in the wash within a few minutes, while leaving the rest of the linens intact.

The key, she felt, would lie in engineering a fabric blend that could absorb liquid but also withstand high levels of heat and cold, which would allow it to go through hundreds of wash cycles without losing its absorbent properties quickly.

Armed with a grant from the Rainy River First Nations Trust, an organization that supports business initiatives, Ms. Miner sourced textiles from China and brought them back to Canada, where she customized a waterproof polyester fabric blend to her exact specifications.

She registered her product idea under the name Rip n Go.

Rip n Go is essentially a two-part sheet set that consists of a waterproof pad and a bottom sheet. The sheets connect to one another by Velcro rims stitched around their perimeter, making it easy to attach and detach the soiled sheet and toss it in the wash without requiring a full bed change.

The top pad has three fabric layers that serve different functions. The first layer is a soft polyester and cotton fabric blend that is comfortable to sleep on and lets liquids through.
The second layer is a microfiber material that absorbs the liquid and holds it there. “It’s a polyester blend that stops the fabric from squishing down and it airs out, so even if there’s a mess in the middle of the night it’s dry in the morning,” Ms. Miner explains.

The bottom layer, made from Ms. Miner’s proprietary fabric blend, is 100 per cent waterproof and protects the mattress like an additional insurance policy.

More info: http://www.ripngo.ca/

Adapted from: https://tgam.ca/2GINShI

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Über den Erfinder

Louise Miner, from Canada, was a sleep-deprived mother until she created Rip n Go - special sheets to fight bed-wetting. She had her first daughter in 2002, and her second in 2012.

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