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David Utley a former smoker created - Pivot - breath sensor and companion app to help quit smoking.

Shared by Joana Santos Afonso on 2023-10-12 18:23

About the solution

Pivot is an innovative solution founded by a former smoker and designed to aid individuals aiming to quit smoking. The company offers a comprehensive approach to smoking cessation, combining technology, behavioral science, and professional guidance.

The core of Pivot's solution is a breath sensor and companion app. The breath sensor is a portable device that measures carbon monoxide (CO) levels in a user's breath, a direct indicator of recent smoking. This allows users to see the immediate impact of smoking and track changes as they progress toward their goal of quitting.

The companion app provides an interactive platform for users to understand their smoking habits better and develop effective strategies for quitting. It offers:

1. Real-time Feedback: Users get immediate feedback on their breath CO levels, helping them understand the immediate impact of their smoking habits.

2. Personalized Plan: The app helps users to create a personalized quit plan, offering them a clear path towards smoking cessation.

3. Learning Modules: The app includes a series of engaging, bite-sized learning modules based on proven strategies for quitting smoking.

4. Coaching Support: Users receive support from a dedicated coach who can provide personalized advice and encouragement throughout the quitting process.

Pivot's approach is grounded in the understanding that quitting smoking is not just about breaking a physical addiction, but also about changing behaviors and mindsets. By providing users with real-time data on their smoking and comprehensive support to understand and change their behaviors, Pivot offers a holistic and personalized path to quitting smoking.

Importantly, Pivot was founded by a former smoker, making it a product born from firsthand experience. It highlights the power of personal experience in driving innovation and creating solutions that address real-world challenges. With Pivot, individuals aiming to quit smoking have a powerful tool that can support them on their journey to a healthier life.

For more information: https://pivot.co/about
Follow them on their social media: https://www.facebook.com/pivotjourney/

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About the author

Pivot was founded by former smoker and CEO, David Utley, MD. Driven by his personal journey with smoking cessation, he created Pivot to help others navigate the same challenges. Motivated by his personal journey and the desire to help others overcome similar struggles, he developed a comprehensive solution combining technology and behavioral science. His unique insights into the quitting process were instrumental in creating Pivot's breath sensor and app, offering users a personalized and effective tool to support their journey to become smoke-free.

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