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Patient creates the Freedom Wand, a device to empower independence of people with impaired mobility in personal hygiene tasks

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-05-19 15:45

About the solution

June 9, 2006, is a date that Deborah Tacoma will not forget, as her life took a dramatic turn when a car accident left her with a broken back. Little did she know that her personal struggles would ignite a new approach to personal care to those individuals grappling with the challenges of intimate hygiene and personal care. The Freedom Wand, born out of Deborah's own journey, has emerged as a critical solution for countless individuals facing diverse conditions such as Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel , Shoulder/Rotator Injuries , Hip Pain, Spinal Pain/Back Pain, Paraplegia, Obesity, and many others.

As Deborah left the hospital a week later, the harsh reality of her situation soon became apparent. The assistance of others in maintaining personal cleanliness became a source of humiliation and frustration. Recognizing the widespread impact of the challenges faced by individuals with physical limitations, Deborah Tacoma was indeed driven to take action.

In 2007 she founded the Freedom Wand, an extendable handle with interchangeable attachments for personal care. The device is constructed with a user-friendly and versatile structure, specifically designed to restore a sense of independence and dignity to individuals across a wide range of conditions. It has an ergonomic and extendable handle, ensuring a comfortable grip for users and allowing them to adjust the length to suit their specific requirements and reach different areas of their body with ease. The Freedom Wand also features interchangeable extension attachments, each designed to assist with specific personal care tasks. These attachments may include a padded head for wiping and cleansing, a holder for toilet tissue, or a sponge attachment for bathing. To enhance convenience, the Freedom Wand incorporates a releasing mechanism that enables users to easily attach and detach the extension attachments as needed. This feature ensures seamless usability and flexibility, catering to the unique needs and preferences of individuals with physical limitations.

The impact of the Freedom Wand extends far beyond Deborah's personal journey. By providing a practical and reliable solution for intimate hygiene and personal care, the Freedom Wand has become an invaluable companion, empowering individuals to overcome the challenges that were once insurmountable. The significance of the Freedom Wand lies in its ability to restore independence, privacy, and dignity to individuals who may feel that their conditions limit their agency and self-worth. The device represents a powerful step towards inclusivity and equality for individuals facing physical limitations. By affording them the opportunity to manage their personal care independently, the Freedom Wand helps to alleviate the emotional burdens often associated with relying on others for such intimate tasks.

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About the author

Deborah Ann Tacoma, a self-proclaimed “advocate for simplified self-care”, was born in Michigan. She holds the position of President and Founder at Freedom Creators Inc., the company behind the groundbreaking Freedom Wand. With an ardent presence on social media, Deborah actively shares her expertise and insights through a multitude of videos on the official Freedom Wand YouTube channel, providing comprehensive explanations of the device's transformative outcomes. She is partnering with new inventors who have like-minded products and sales channels that need help entering the market place.

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