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Arc Pen - A pen that helps Parkinson's disease to write and relax

Patricia Pereira 于 2015-04-07 22:42 分享

About the solution

The initial idea was to develop a pen that would release electrical charges so that the tip leaned on paper, giving the person a sense of "shaking" caused by the disease. During the tests, however, the group realized that the stimulus would be beneficial just for patients who have Parkinson's, as they help to relax the muscles that tend to contract due to illness. Thus it was created the Arc pen, the first pen developed to ensure a legible handwriting and a muscle relaxation those patients.

The pen was tested on 14 people who suffer from Parkinson's disease and proved beneficial in 86% of cases. The most interesting is that the effects of relaxation last up to 10 minutes after using the pen, ensuring that the firm hand is also kept in activities other than writing. The invention led to Dopa Solutions, a company that seeks partners and sponsors for production of the pen and that intends to develop new products to patients and people with special needs.

More info: http://www.dopasolution.com/



When English designer Lucy Jung was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she understood the importance of thinking about designing with focus on people with special needs or diseases. After she was recovered from the tumor, she proposed to her master's colleagues to create something to arouse empathy for those people suffering from Parkinson's.

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