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Train your dragon: Happyr Health Migraine symptoms & emotions tracking app for young people

CorneliusPalm 于 2020-12-16 14:10 分享

About the solution

The Happyr Health app supports children and young people between 8-18 years old with migraine. They and their parents who want to take control of the disease and emotional wellbeing can access the interactive migraine tracking app with an added mood tracker, using gamification and storytelling. Paediatric neurologists recommend that young people suffering from migraine, together with their parents, actively track their migraine and related emotions. However, pen & paper diaries are often forgotten and existing solutions are too boring and complicated. At Happyr Health, young people, their parents and doctors can work together to regain control in a life lived with migraine.



Nicola and Cornelius are two (former) chronic pain patients who have had to live with abdominal pain and migraine since childhood.The two have set themselves the goal of providing emotional and social support to young people in pain.

Cornelius is a former paramedic and Nicola an advocate for migraine patients. Both are happy to be contacted via hello@HappyrHealth.com, then the webapp can also be tried out for free!

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