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Colors for All - Helping the Color Blind with a Free App

Shared by Vincent Fiorentini on 2017-07-09 21:55

About the solution

Color Blind Pal is a free app for iOS and Android that helps people who are color blind see the colors around them. It also lets people with normal vision see what it's like to be color blind.

Color Blind Pal has three basic modes. The first is color inspector, in which it delivers to its user descriptive information about the particular color, including the hue, saturation and value (or lightness) of the image that the user has captured on his or her device’s screen. The second is a mode that corrects for color blindness, in which a filter running at the bottom of the screen shifts colors so the user can distinguish colors better and more accurately. And the third is a simulation experience, or the “empathy mode,” in which the user can see the world as a color blind person would.

More info: http://colorblindpal.com/


This solution shall not include mention to the use of drugs, chemicals or biologicals (including food); invasive devices; offensive, commercial or inherently dangerous content. This solution was not medically validated. Proceed with caution! If you have any doubts, please consult with a health professional.

About the author

Sometimes inventions come about when people seek to solve a problem they are experiencing. Such was the case for Vincent Fiorentini, who created the Color Blind Pal app. Vincent, who is red-green colorblind, was diagnosed with color blindness at age 7 when a teacher noticed he was using a green crayon for his skin color in a self-portrait. He ended up studying computer science and realized he could use his technical knowledge to help himself and others struggling with color blindness.

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