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Mother develops air free baby bottle

Ana Duarte 于 2016-10-11 18:56 分享

About the solution

“When I gave birth to Carlton, my first baby, I had already decided he would be 100% breastfed. At the seven-day checkup, the pediatrician told us Carlton was losing weight, his dry mouth was a sign of poor nutrition and I must supplement with formula. Reluctantly, I became a combo mom by bottle feeding between breast feedings. I tried all the leading baby bottles on the market but every bottle feeding turned my baby into a bag of gas leading to frustration and sleepless nights for the three of us”, the inventor explained on the official website.

Using her designer skills, she decided to come up with a device that would give air-free milk to her baby, and designed a bottle that's based on the idea of a syringe – Having the milk in the bottle, the parent pushes up a plug so that the air goes out.

Then the baby helps by sucking on the plug at the same time, which avoids the air from going in.

"It's called air free because it doesn't allow air inside. You can expel the air out of the bottle before feeding the baby, so the milk is 100% milk and not mixed with air", Priska said.

The mother went on and founded her own company – BittyLabs. Her product is being sold in several stores all over USA, and can also be bought online.

More info: http://www.bittylab.com

Adapted from: http://7ny.tv/2e3sFVN

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Priska Diaz, from USA, is a mother and designer who invented the Bare ® air-free baby bottles. Priska created this product due to her son’s reflux and gas issues.

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