Patient Innovation European tour


Patient Innovation European tour

Exciting times for Patient Innovation!
From the digital world to 29 museums
and scientific centers around Europe, we are now presenting live
some of the innovations from our platform!

We are very happy and honored to be participating in “Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution”, an exhibition that will be touring around 29 European countries, from July 2016 to May 2018.

The exhibition is about citizens turned scientists, hackers and innovators who are taking science into their own hands, revolutionizing science by showing that a lot of what is happening in the innovative and technologic world is taking place beyond the lab.

The first exhibition opening was at the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, Germany, on July 6th 2016, followed by the opening at the Science Museum of London, on July 7, and then the opening, on July 14, in Warsaw, at Copernicus Science Centre . Pedro Oliveira and Helena Canhão, Patient Innovation project leaders, will give a talk during Przemiany Festival, at Copernicus, on September the Patient Innovation team was present at the Science Museum exhibition opening, along with Michael Seres and Duncan Fitzsimons, both winners of the 2nd Patient Innovation Awards.

You can check the countries that will host the exibition below. For more information regarding the venues, please click here. The entry is free.

Exhibition Tour Dates

2016 Jul-Aug Bonn, Germany
2016 Jul-Aug London, UK
2016 Jul-Sep Warsaw, Poland
2016 Aug-Sep Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016 Sep-Nov Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2016 Sep-Nov Lošinj, Croatia
2016 Oct-Dec Granada, Spain
2016 Oct-Dec Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Jan-Mar Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Jan-Mar Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 Jan-Mar Bratislava, Slovakia
2017 Jan-Mar Noorköping, Sweden
2017 Apr-Jun Tartu, Estonia
2017 Apr-May Bordeaux, France
2017 Apr-May Linz, Austria
2017 Apr-May Pallini, Greece
2017 Jul-Aug Mechelen, Belgium
2017 Jul-Aug Cesis, latvia
2017 Jul-Aug Budapest, Hungary
2017 Jul-Aug Kalkara, Malta
2017 Oct-Nov Kerkrade, Netherlands
2017 Oct-Nov Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Oct-Nov Pardubice, Czech Republic
2017 Oct-Nov Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 Jan-Feb Dublin, Ireland
2018 Jan-Feb Vataa, Finland
2018 Jan-Feb Trento, Italy
2018 Jan-Feb Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2018 Apr-May Lugano, Switzerland

Patient Innovation is featured on this exhibition with seven innovations from the Patient Innovation platform, which has now 600 innovations online. “Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution” features seven real-life case studies that are explored through a combination of objects, images and films, giving the visitors the chance to get to know these innovators and what drove them to be creative and take action.

• • •

Francisco Veloso, Dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, also visited the exhibition.

Patient Innovation is exhibiting the following innovations:

3D printed hand and forearm (USA/Portugal)

Low cost 3D printing prosthetic hand and forearm, a collaboration between Ivan Owen (USA) and the Patient Innovation team. These hands were printed and assembled in the Patient Innovation office, at Católica Lisbon. In 2015, Ivan was awarded with the Patient Innovation Award, in the Collaborator category. During his days in Portugal, Ivan and Salomé Azevedo, from the Patient Innovation team, teamed up and developed a 3D printing hand and forearm for a seven-year-old Portuguese boy
named Nuno.

Removable thermal pockets (Portugal)

The removable thermal pockets were designed to warm up the hands of patients who suffer from Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. These pockets were built by engineering students from JUNITEC - Instituto Superior Técnico. Diogo, a young pianist who suffers from CMT, had the concept for the thermal pockets in his mind, but lacked the skills and resources to create it by himself.
So Patient Innovation brought them together.

The Shower Shirt™ (USA)

Lisa Crites was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a mastectomy, she was advised by her doctors to avoid showering in order to prevent infection through the drain sites. She then created a water-resistant garment, the Shower Shirt™, to enable patients who are recovering from surgery to shower without risking infection. Lisa is one of the 1st Patient Innovation Awards winners, in the
Patient category.

Upsee (Israel)

Debby Elnatan’s youngest son was born with Cerebral Palsy, so he couldn’t stand and walk. Debby tried different ways to “link him” to her through straps, leading to Upsee. With Upsee, her son, and children from all over the world, are now able to “walk” like other children and participate in family activities. Debby is one of the 1st Patient Innovation Awards winners, in the Caregiver category.

ExoVasc® (UK)

Tal Golesworthy is a Marfan Syndrome patient, and his ascending aorta was gradually enlarging over time. 
Being an engineer Tal compared his enlarged aorta to a plumbing problem, so he thought that he had to create something that would act like an insulation tape, that could be wrapped around the outside of the a aorta. After a lot of CAD models, along with his doctor, they developed the final prototype, the ExoVasc®,which has been used in 76 (and counting) patients since then. Tal is one of the 1st Patient Innovation Awards winners, in the
Patient category.

ViEx (USA)

Sarah Betts is a young violinist who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when she was ten years old. Because she plays the violin, she realized that her left hand was a lot less swollen and less painful than the right hand. She created ViEx, a wooden device to help her exercise both hands using strings. The ViEx cost has a production cost of 3 USD.

Ostom-I Alert (UK)

Michael was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was 12 years old. That is why he invented the Ostom-I Alert: a sensor based device that can be attached to any ostomy bag and is able to send messages via Bluetooth to a mobile app to warn the patient when his bag is close to being full. Michael is one of the 2nd Patient Innovation Awards winners, in the Patient category.

• • •

Coming next

2nd Patient Innovation Awards ceremony

While touring around Europe until 2018, Patient Innovation will be welcoming our most recent awardees

Have you met the new winners, from UK, USA, Israel, Russia and Netherlands? You can also meet them in person, at the 2nd Patient Innovation Awards ceremony, which will take place on November 10th 2016, at the Web Summit 2016, Lisbon. This is Europe’s largest conference on technology and innovation, and about 50,000 attendees, from more than 150 countries are expected.

All the best from the Patient Innovation Team

The Pi Awards ceremony

November 10, 2016

Patient Innovation (PI) is a nonprofit, international, multilingual, free venue for patients and caregivers of any disease to share their innovations. PI is an initiative by Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in collaboration with Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM).

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