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Boy creates apps to help his brother socialising

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-03-19 18:10

About the solution

“He wanted to get some friends,” said Johnny, who was a high school student when he came up with these apps. “We wanted to create a way for him to meet new people”.

My voice was developed especially to help non-verbal people communicate with others and youBelong is a platform aiming to be the Facebook of the special needs community by connection these patients and their family and friends in a safe online environment.

“My Voice’ is a digital version of [a] PECS [Picture Exchange Communication System] book, which we design based on his experience with special needs kids. “The book you’d have to line up, now you can easily type up the sentence or hit photos if (you) don’t know how to exactly type out a word”, the developer explained.

My Voice streamlines the information from the PECS book and also speak for the user, giving them a real voice. It also features a function for mirror talk as well, which uses the selfie side of a camera to help people stretch their mouths as they would with a speech pathologist, either as a child or if recovering from an illness, such as a stroke.

"I like everything. I like to comment with my brother because I do love my brother a lot”, Christian said.

Johnny created several apps and he wishes to keep building solutions that can help people connect.

My Voice costs 9,99 USD and youBelng is free. Both of them are available on the App Store.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2uherW8

More info: https://apple.co/2OlIhSF

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About the author

Johnny Ciocca, born in the USA, in 2000, is a self-taugh developer who built two apps (My Voice and You Belong), in 2017, to help disabled people communicate and be more active socially. He was inspired by his brother Christian, who has Down syndrome.

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