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Man creates an insulin fridge for his brother

Shared by João Canelhas on 2017-12-20 17:35

About the solution

Uwe was a pianist, but at age of 26 he had an accident in the arm that changed his course. With the recovery he began to interest on the technologies related to the health.

So in 2015 Uwe went with his brother Olaf (who’s diabetic) for vacations, surprisingly there was no fridge for Olaf’s insulin in the hotel therefore they had to use a nearby pharmacy to keep his brother insulin at the correct temperature. That day was the turning point for Uwe to start his incredible journey of building the world’s smallest refrigerator for medicines.
Before Lifeina, in 2016, he was chief executive of iHealth, a company that made the first blood pressure meters that linked to smartphones. Prior to that, he has worked at Microlife, one of the largest companies in the world to measure tension in the world as an engineer.

This project was so life changing that, in 2017, Lifeina won the Web Summit Pitch and, in his speech, Uwe shared that all boxes are made in France and even had time to leave the detail that are a bit more expensive because they "turn to the workforce of people with disabilities to give more opportunities to work." With a large and a small size, the battery can withstand the necessary temperature up to 24 hours and can expand up to 36 hours. The goal is to make life easier for people with diabetes, but it suits to all kinds of medicines and "can also put vodka," Uwe said.

More info: https://www.lifeina.com

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2y7xqlt


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About the author

Uwe Diegel, born in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1965, is a medical researcher, and CEO of the LifeInABox. Uwe developed an innovative device that allows safe transport of fragile medications such as insulin or growth hormones, for his brother, who is diabetic.

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