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3D printing music scores for the blind

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-04-04 18:46

About the solution

The scores are highly complex and yet can still lack some information traditionally included on sheet music. To cope with this, Kim invented a system that essentially raises the type on top of the staff and notes on regular sheet music, giving the musical notation a tactile quality that a visually impaired musician could read by touch and a sighted person could also read visually.

When William heard about this, he realized that 3D printing would be the ideal solution to produce the scores. They teamed up and created sheets of music that can be read using hands.

“Kim was interested in the idea and definitely excited about collaborating,” the student explained. “This isn't just building a prototype for her or the School of Music. It's a true collaboration in that we're working closely with Kim to understand her design needs and to find solutions together”.

The 3D printing technology creates sheets of music more which accurately capture the complexity and details of certain pieces of music.

More info: http://www.madisongroup.com/our-team-william.html

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2nBuqJC

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About the author

William Aquite, born in USA, is a mechanical engineering graduate student from the University of Wisconsin who 3D printed music scores for the blind. William started working on this project after he saw a video of a blind musician called Yeaji Kim, who was completing a PhD in the School of Music. Kim is a pianist, and she has found that particularly complex pieces are almost impossible to transfer to braille scores.

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